Digimata specializes in 3D computer-generated illustrations and animations. 3D computer models are created from 2D illustrations, blueprints or CAD measurements. Digimata can turn your flat, lifeless product into a beautiful, dimensional, life-like image so real it looks like you can touch it! Once Digimata creates your model in 3D, the possibilities are virtually unlimited. Images can be rendered from any angle to emphasize the virtue of your product. Digimata provides top-notch, absolutely accurate technical illustrations including cutaways and assembly drawings. Digimata has the ability to match the lighting of an actual photo and place an image of the virtual models within, shadows and all. Imagine the ability to mix your product with new elements to make it more real, for instance, putting gas flames in a burner, oil flowing through pipes, or sparks flying from molten metal. The CAD model can be colored, textured and placed in almost any environment ranging from a simple colored background to a fantastic environment. The digital stills can then be animated at a later date. The same models with the same lighting and scenery can be seen functioning transparently or in a cutaway. They can be made to assemble into their component parts or disassemble by flying inside to see a hidden process at the macro or micro level. Whatever the situation, Digimata will have the answers to your imaging needs. Both technical and medical companies can use computer-generated art both for print and animation. Complex technical, industrial, and medical processes can prove unclear on video or impossible to film, either because they occur where no camera can venture (inside a blast furnace or a living heart perhaps) or because they occur at the microscopic or molecular level where conventional cameras cannot reach. Digimata delivers clean, understandable, and beautiful artwork in a style and accuracy that cannot be achieved through regular live-action photography and video. With Digmata’s expertise medical and technical clients can see the function of their product in a clear and simple vision.

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