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ABOUT BILL MAYER Bill Mayer is called a genius by many of his clients and peers. He is able to create amazing illustrations in in airbrush, black & white line, scratch board with such ease. His award-winning illustrations include work for: The U.S.P.S., Coca Cola, DreamWorks, Blue Sky Studios, Cartoon Network, GameStop, Hasbro, Levi's for Women, Jose Cuervo, Yupo Paper and Stueben glass. Bill's most successful work includes print and creating characters for animated movies like the bee characters in DreamWorks, The Bee Movie and the birds in 20th Century Fox's movie, RIO. The iconic Mexican-style illustrations he created for Jose Cuervo Tequila was a very successful print campaign for year. Bill replaced the scratchboard lizards with a new series of colorful lizards painted in airbrush. The new look is still used by Cuervo’s promotional division today. Wyeth Pharmaceuticals has enjoyed a long and successful campaign with a character named “Gerdee” which Bill created for their Protonix brand. Recognition of the brand is directly linked to Gerdee, a “where’s Waldo-type character” that appears and reappears in all of Wyeth’s promotional materials and is also a mascot for Wyeth’s trade conventions. The Hartford Stage has enjoyed a long, steady stream of beautiful posters illustrated by Bill for their annual performance of A Christmas Carol. Most artists would find it difficult to create a new visual year-after-year but Bill has created a series of stunning posters which have also earned him the respect of his peers resulting in an impressive number of gold and silver medals from The Society of Illustrators. Bill Mayer is an “illustrators’ illustrator”. Artists try imitating him but no one achieves his level of originality and the humorous quality that is so recognizable in his work. Bill’s ability to adapt to different mediums makes him one of the most prolific illustrators working today and because he is a workaholic and likes to have jobs back-to-back his pricing is competitive with many other working illustrators. Being versatile has helped attract diverse clientèle and projects. Bill has the ability to bring success to a varied range of business sectors including; illustration, advertising, design, branding, character development, editorial, and design consulting. The Bight Eye stamps Bill designed for The United States Post Office was the most collectible stamp series of the decade. Bill begins any job with lots of thumbnail drawings from which the client makes the initial selection. Sketches are created followed by the final piece. As of recent, Bill has added film to his list of clients. He developed characters for The Bee Movie based on Jerry Seinfeld’s animated movie by DreamWorks,. He has now added Fox Entertainment, GameStop to the long list of regular clients like Mattel, Novartis, and Nestle. Bill had many influences on his style in his early development which includes Jack Davis and Don Martin from Mad Magazine, Big Daddy Roth's Rat Fink and Extreme Machines. Later in art school the influences were more classical like Picasso, Monet, Degas and Boterro and they continue to come from every one and everywhere. Bill found high school boring and spent a lot of his class time drawing and doodling. A couple of smart teachers let him sit by the window and allow him to draw because they knew he would be successful with his art. Bill went on to attend The Ringling School of Art in Florida when he was seventeen where he met his wife Lee. “Ringling was a very different school at the time--completely performance driven. You had to be invited to come back every quarter. It was a small school with good foundation training in classical drawing and painting. There were about 350 students in the program with 150 in our first year class. This number was whittled down to thirty graduates, but they were people they felt had a lot of potential.” Bill graduated from The Ringling School, and he continues to be a prolific and successful illustrator all these years. He even makes time to rock climb, travel the world and be a freethinking and fun loving person. He lives and works in Decatur, Georgia with his large family of siblings, parents, nieces and nephews currently numbering thirty-eight. He and his wife Lee of thirty-five years have one son, Jason, also an artist and web designer extraordinaire, and two grandsons: Forest, who has placed in several international film festivals, and Zakary, who is just now marveling at the artistic world around him. Tricia Weber and The Weber Group has represented Bill Mayer for over 25 years.

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