"As the therapeutic focus of medicine moves steadily towards the molecular and genetic foundations of disease, the role of visual biocommunications is becoming increasingly important. The visual interpretation of complex biological interactions in cellular and molecular space is an extraordinarily powerful marketing and educational tool that can mean the difference between confusion and understanding." –Audra Geras. President, Creative Director, and Medical Illustrator Audra Geras leads an exceptionally talented group of computer animators at Geras Healthcare Productions. As one of the world’s leading medical illustrators with a 25 year history and 15 year track record in 3D medical animation, Geras Healthcare Productions work in anatomical, conceptual and molecular art has made Audra one of the most sought after medical artists today. Geras Healthcare Productions is a full-spectrum biocommunications firm specializing in pharmaceutical concept development and research, digital illustration, 3D modeling and animation, and full video production. Geras Healthcare Productions creates clean, understandable, and beautiful artwork of a style and accuracy that cannot be delivered through live action photography or video. Medical clients may also see a simplified version of a complex reality to be a better way to explain an otherwise complex process. Audra is an exceptionally talented illustrator, earning over eighty awards of excellence from The Association of Medical Illustrators, The RX Club, the Society of Illustrators in NYC, among others. With specialized degrees with honors in life science and medical art / biocommunications from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto, Audra Geras is ready to meet your medical communication needs. She is the sole illustrator and author of the award-winning atlas, Dermatology: A Medical Artist’s Interpretation published by Sandoz, (copyrights now owned by Novartis.) Her paintings have been exhibited in Basel, London, Washington D.C. and Budapest and her dermatology paintings are the subject of a 45 min. film entitled Landscape of the Skin, produced by Sandoz as well as numerous illustrations for Scientific American and major pharmaceutical clients. Geras Healthcare Productions is based in Toronto, Ontario Geras Healthcare Productions team: Audra Geras President, Creative Director and Medical Artist Leoung O’Young Vice President and Technical Director William Pleydon Animation Director Larry Adlon Visual Effects Director Dr. Niclas Stiernholm Scientific Director http://www.audrageras.com

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